My Third Month of Daily Blogging

For so many years, I had two serious problems:

  1.  I was a perfectionist.
  2.  I was insecure.

Because of these two issues, I always downplayed my wish to be a writer. I used my gift in useful but very undermining ways, never jumping out there to see if I could really make a living off the thing I loved to do more than just about anything. I wrote in secret, with tons of notebooks and pieces of paper and computer files and smart phone notes that eyes (besides mine) have yet to see. I feared that if my writing wasn’t “just right” no one would read it. And I feared that even if I did it “just right” people would still skip over it.

But here I am! Writing pretty much every day–typos and all (though I do try to catch them; and if I don’t please tell me). And folks are reading and commenting, which is really great.

I have zero idea where this is taking me; my goals now are simple: beef up my confidence and practice, practice, practice while seeing how many people I can entice to read and come back to read some more.

The lesson in all that is simple: You really don’t need a road map to start your personal journey. Just start walking. The next step will always make itself known. Faith, my dudes. Faith.


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