Strange Winter Days

Strange winter days
The breath of angels wafting in cool little curls
Reckless clouds flung to the ground
I feel the chill all around me
Even as the sun smiles
Between the bare fingertips of the trees
The hazy light showing places for pleasure
And secret moments that we steal away

Strange winter days
Our love is measured in degrees
Heat fighting against frozen lives
So much smoke and mirrors frosted in the shadows
Cast by snow-capped hills tops
That hide stolen kisses
And cold-hearted caresses
Each hug just warm enough to remind
Us that we are still alive

Strange winter days
And I wonder what the spring will bring
The ennui of wanting something new
Or reckless desire fanned hot by warmer days
I really cannot say, as I gaze
Intently into the breath of reckless angels
All I want to know is this space in which I wait
For the next embrace of cold, burning wind


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