Speak To The Rock

You ask me How it all began?
Let me think…well, honestly
“What is in your hand!?”
He impatiently asked of me
And I stretched my rod out
Parting the reddest sea
I walked on dry land behind them
The sand lodged between
My toes

But as it goes
Ungrateful people undo me
Expecting miracles constantly
I keep stretching out
But never fill the need
They whine and cry until
I satisfy the greed
Then they find something new
To complain about

I doubt
I will ever be free
Since freedom only comes
When you learn to be
And no one wants to do
For self–just depend on me
I have nothing left
Except complaints and misery
My feet hurt

Nothing works
We just keep walking aimlessly
I know the end is close
But the repeat still gets next to me
Like wayward children or worse
A bunch of stupid inbred sheep
I wish that they would die already
As I become old and weak
I want to quit

But that’s just it
My life a whim of circumstance
No turning back now
Should have run when I had the chance
Turned from that burning bush
And its powerful smokeless dance
I could be at home with my wife
Awash in her undying romance
Instead I walk

I stop and talk
The words falling on angry ears
I want to spit in these brown faces
Look at all these wasted years
Forty day journey turned into
A nightmare and its still not clear
When it will end, who can say
All I know now is that I fear
I won’t make it

I cannot take it
All the constant murmuring drives me
Now they are begging for some water
As the sun shines ruthlessly
“Speak to the rock” I hear Him say
At the same time folks crowding me
My anger rises in my mouth
My hand responds self righteously
I hit the rock

The quiet shock
Resounds, an echo in the air
I am ashamed of myself but
At the same time I do not care
I did not ask for this
It’s far too much, it isn’t fair
They aren’t worth saving anyway
But still I should have spoken there
White as a ghost

The thing I fear most
Is standing, knocking at my door
I cannot save me anymore
I will not reach that golden shore
I am worst off than I was before
My failure etched in holy stone
And God is silent on his throne
Surrounded yet I am all alone
My one reward now gone.


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