My Body’s Here With You, But My Mind Is On The Other Side Of Town

I am a classic Aquarius–I go with the flow, I love new adventures, and I really enjoy getting to know people for who they are. I cannot abide fakeness or grandiosity–be yourself, not some Disney-sized cartoon version…then we can kick it. If I claim you as my friend, we are friends FOR LIFE, even if I have not seen you in YEARS. Seriously. You can call me and I will still help you like we are BFFs.

But the trait that I most embody (besides my obviously nonconforming, slightly anti-social behavior) is my ability to cut off. If I am done with something, I am done: people, activities, jobs, problems, friendships, relationships, whatevs.

When I have done everything that I can do yet see no improvement, I say, “Self, we have done all that we can, given all that we have. We can move on now.” And you know what myself says? “Yup! Let’s shake.” My “self” spiritually packs up and moves on, even as my body is still wherever I am. So while I am working and living in one situation, my essence is living and working somewhere else.

And that is really what a faith walk is. You are physically in one place, but you have spiritually moved on to the next thing. Even as storms shake the stuffing out of your current situation, you remain unbothered because you have already moved on to sunshine and blue skies in your mind.   When you learn to live in a faith state of mind, you can bypass the worst of times with your dreams intact and on the move towards completion.

God bless! And remember that Faith is in your future right now.



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