Clean Up Your Mess

How many times have you or someone you know exclaimed, “My life is such a mess!” Or some variation?

Please forgive me my forthrightness, but your life is a mess because you never stop to clean up the messes you have made of yourself and others along the way. You have created confusion and formatted mayhem through bad decision-making brought on by complete immaturity; poor self-image; lack of boundaries; and all around epic selfishness.

If your life is indeed mess, the troubles you are experiencing are just symptoms of deeper issues. Your baby daddy ain’t “ish”? Well, the deeper issue may be, “How did I come to create a child with someone who I cannot love or do not trust and who dishonors me and my child?” In a not fulfilling relationship? Ask yourself: “Why am I still here?  And could I make some changes in myself to make it better?” Look back at how you’ve treated the people in your life.  Did you treat them with love and integrity? Or were you only concerned about what you could gain from the situation?

If you say your life is a mess, I am going to challenge you to look at your choices and why you make them.  Identify the why, and you can change the who or what.

What are some messes that you have or are currently cleaning up?  What are you going to do differently? Sound off in the comments section below.


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