I Shall Have What I Decree


My children love the playground-I mean, love it so much so that when we go, I cannot get them to leave.  There are tears, weeping and gnashing of teeth, pouting for a very long time.  One of their favorite activities to do–climbing the rock wall.

The rock wall was not always a family favorite.  In fact, my kids feared the wall.  Haleigh in particular hated the wall.  She would climb half way before succumbing to an overwhelming fear and then embarrassment.  She teetered on the verge of tears every time.   I began to speak into her little heart.  Nothing much, just simple words of encouragement: “You can do it.  Don’t be afraid. I won’t let you fall.”  And you know what?  She began to believe it.  The more I said it, the more she received it.  The more she received it, the more she believed.

And one day, while I sat 10 feet away on a playground bench reading a book, Haleigh climbed the rock wall.  She called my name, stopping short of the very last few steps so that I could witness her triumphant ascent. “Mommy! Look!”  As I lifted my eyes in the direction of her voice, I caught sight of Haleigh–shoes untied, arms and legs splayed like a spider–wiggling her way up the wall to the platform above.

I don’t know if Haleigh would have ever climbed the wall or not if I had not encouraged her, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would have never climbed it if she did not believe that she could.

And God’s kingdom works in this way: You will never accomplish more than what you believe you can; you will never possess more than you believe you have; you will never be more than you believe you are.


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