April Is The Cruelest Month

Except when I’m with you.

On this last day in April, I want to just point out that I have managed to write a post every day for 4 months with posts to spare and drafts on deck. Every time I open up WordPress, I look back over my life and pat myself on the back. Literally.

Every like, every comment, every share, every visitor… Just know that your presence in my life does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I have 190 WordPress followers so far.Thank you for all the likes and comments–I hit that 500 likes milestone and cackled with glee:


I thank you in particular for the chance to at least show up on your newsfeed. If my fat butt could do cartwheels, I would pop of 3 just for you. As it stands you will just need to settle for this Schmoney I’ma hit for the one time:

For those of you not on WordPress who participate across social media sites, a blessing: May your feeds be filled with funny jokes, encouraging words, and feel good stories. May your haters continue to feed your ego and your supporters like and share every post.

Everyone else: come join my party. I keep it as real as the Lord will allow and as real as I know how. Get my posts in your email for easy access. Hit that Follow button that looks like this here:


As We move into the most beautiful month of May, I just want to remind you that:



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