Your Potential Was A Promise To Us

Real women are rarely disappointed by a lack of money or things. Yeah, we like having money and things because it allows us to show you off to jealous friends and enemies alike. But really, those two are the byproduct of something more compelling. What really disappoints us is when you waste our time and your potential.

See, We never forget the dreams that you have shared with us. We hold onto those visions that you painted in the air in intimate moments. Those dreams confirm the potential that we see in you, the future we see in being with you and us growing together. Those life goals, those secret desires are what connect us to you. They are promises that once shared we never release.

We carry them in our hearts, shields against the hard times, the angry words, the desire to leave. Those dreams that you shared with us compel us to stay. Because when you promise us these dreams, we promise ourselves that we will help you make them come true.

And when you don’t pursue them–when you actively avoid them or pretend like they were never spoken–we become victims of a tsunami, the disappointment a wall of water sweeping away everything in its path. It is a promise that when broken brings the kind of bitterness and contempt that will kill a man’s soul.

Because we KNOW what you are capable of. And when you waste that potential, we involuntarily begin to kill off you off completely. It is the only way we know to cleanse the taint of broken promise: to murder what is left with disrespectful words and loveless eyes. It is how we mourn the loss of a broken intimate moment.

Your potential is a promise made, and we will do all that we can to help you keep it. Because once broken, there can be no return.



      1. The energy the Minister arouses in a crowd is electric! I wish people could get past titles and religions and see this wonderful man speak/preach at least once in their lives. Thank you for sharing!

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