When It Comes To Sharing Your Dreams, Avoid These 3 Types of People

I get excited when I have a new vision for my life. The desire to conquer new life territory gives me the gosh darn smiley faces. Yet I am incredibly closed lipped when a dream starts to unfold and move into reality. I have learned the hard way– from my own experiences and from watching others–that the best thing I can do to protect my goal is keep my mouth shut.

Many people pretend to be “Team Dream” but behind the scenes their motives sit ugly and destructive. These folks will do everything from trying to abort the baby all the way to smothering a newborn before any real steps can be taken.

Who are these people?

Dream Doubters.
The dream doubters often have a lot of pushback–you know, negative things to say even as you are trying to just clearly articulate what you want to do. This may not seem like a big deal at first; you try take the negativity as an opportunity to fill the holes in your execution and conversation. But what I have found? Dream doubters never see the potential excellence in what you desire to accomplish. A hater will always be a hater, no matter how your vision develops. And what’s worse, these type of people will totally gloat in your face if you fail while pretending to mourn the loss with you. Dream doubters tend to be completely unoriginal people with no vision of their own. They revel in your downfall simply because misery loves company.

Dream Killers.
I have seen this kind one too many times. Dream killers act like they are on your team, stand side by side with you looking like they are trying to help you succeed. Then you find out they have been badmouthing you to key contacts and supporters, casting doubt and maligning your character by chipping away at your integrity behind your back. These folks are the worst–the snake masquerading as your friend, the “Iagos” of life. The kind of hate they have for you knows no bounds, and even after being exposed they will continue to attack you and your credibility. Dream killers only want to destroy you; they have no desire to copy your ideas or use them for personal gain. Their personal gain rests in your destruction.

Dream Stealers.
Even though Dream Killers are the worst, my personal ire is reserved for dream stealers. These folks will seem to support you wholeheartedly as well. But what they are really doing is snatching inside information and copying your vision word for word except the name–and sometimes they even try to take that. Dream stealers are opportunists too lazy to pursue personal growth, content to take what’s not theirs like Cuckoo birds taking over other birds’ nests. They constantly ask questions, snoop around your business trying to figure out how you do what you do.

As you move towards making your ideas actuality, watch the people you share your heart with. If you pay attention, you might find out who isn’t really on your side before they can cause irreparable damage. Keep your mouth and your mission closed off from people until you know who has your back and who you need to watch your back around.


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