I Am A Woman-Not A Superhero

Please allow me the space to vent for JUST under 2 minutes.

Life overwhelms women daily. We are (unfairly) made accountable for everyone else’s happiness, peace, pleasure, position, success, needs, wants, problems, and whatever else people can dump in our laps before running away from all responsibility.

Quite frankly, we are mostly forced to wear the “S” on our chests. We gotta be strong for everybody. The spouse. The kids. The in-laws. The fam. The coworkers. The boss. The cat. The dog. Everybody needs something. Nobody feels the need to give anything in return. God forbid we cry–must be that time of the month, right?

But we are not superheroes.

Some of us try to snatch the cape off, while others suffocate underneath the weighty fabric. Most just bear the heaviness with tears in our eyes as loved ones give the best parts of themselves away to other people and complain about us not smiling like we used to. But we all have the same thought as the cape goes up in flames or we pass into that dark night:


Do I not deserve someone to tend to these wounds that I have from fighting all these battles? Do I not deserve kind words when all mine have run out? Do I not deserve the same consideration with which I have handled your distress?

I am still a woman–which means I am human. And I deserve to be seen completely. There is more to me than the cape. And while I am honored that you trust me with your problems and thangs, I would really appreciate the opportunity to trust you with my humanity.

Thanks for listening.



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