I Took A Break-But I Am Back


I have posted something every day since January 2015–a huge accomplishment for me, since I am flighty and fearful and never stick to anything that long. I wrote something each evening; in fact I still have something like 68 drafts  as I type. My level of personal satisfaction has hit epic proportions. God has rained down smiles from heaven because I stuck to it.

On June 2nd I decided to take a break. Lots of reasons–the 1st being that on June 5th, I moved out of my apartment in preparation to leave the stingy midwest for the open arms of the south. Unfortunately, we have to vagabond our way through this month because I have to keep working to move. It has been a real Catch-22; barely surviving and still having to get up early for a job I no longer enjoy. We are moving from place to place homeless and living on people’s hospitality–a real blessing considering Midwesterners are not the most sharing people I have met.

The other reason? I needed to stop writing off the cuff so much. I think my content is decent, but I want to focus more on quality as opposed to quantity. At first I needed to regurgitate all the words stored up in my system. Now I am writing from a cleaner more focused space. I also want to take some time to revise and edit things that I have already posted, clean things up, beef up my keywords, that kind of thing. You know, take this more seriously. Get more reading, liking, and commenting done. Read more articles and posts from a more diverse pool of writers. Amp up my engagement on WordPress.

So anyways! Thanks for sticking with me during this down time. I will have new content soon. In the meantime, much love and power. I will start posting again next week!


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