Get Him to Do It Till You’re Satisfied

Disclaimer: This is not a sex column.  I just liked that title.

Don’t you hate it when you ask dude to do something because you can’t do it yourself—then 3 weeks later you have to ask again?  And 3 days later, you have to ask again?  Then 5 days later, you have to ask again? Then…

If I have to roll my eyes one more time because I am hearing my husband say, “Oh, you should have reminded me,” I am afraid they’ll just pop out and find a new home.

Guys, while not dogs or puppies, have similar tendencies to these beloved pets (and I’m not referring to hitting from the back or chasing cat or any of those other euphemisms that have become synonymous with dogs).  No, guys are like our favorite furries because they are easily distracted—especially when it something they don’t want to do or don’t feel is important.

If you are in a serious relationship or marriage, the most infuriating thing ever is to have to ask repeatedly for your guy to do something that you need done: fixing drains, hooking up plumbing, building a shelf, etc, etc.  Now, you could be like me on a regular day and just figure it out for yourself (I am pretty darn handy with a tool box, ya heard?), but I understand—you have other stuff that needs to be done and he’s holding up all your processes as well as your ability to think straight.  What do you do to get him to do what you need him to do?

Get another man involved. Guys hate to be one upped by other guys—especially by guys they know.  It makes them look bad.  My husband is not a handy man.  He avoids hard work like the bubonic plague.  But if I call one of his cousins to come help me, he will suddenly be Mr. Me Too because he likes to have the help–the job looks too big without a second set of man hands.  But please don’t do the mostest, ladies—I’m talking family or one of his trusted boys, not that dude down the street that you have a crush on.

Hire a professional or seek professional assistance. Home Depot is my new SPOT.  They will show you how to do anything.  Hell, I feel like I could build a house from scratch.  Also, I always find good leads to great professionals who are cost effective and efficient.  If you aren’t comfortable with my bold Home Depot swag, at least sign up for Angie’s List or call your local BBB office or Chamber of Commerce.  Stop wasting time tripping on what your man won’t do and just get it done.  He might actually be appreciative cause he doesn’t have time or can’t do the job.

There’s deliverance in the PRAISE. Okay, so if you’re one of those girls who wants her man to do it because she wants HIM to do it, you will not get it done by nagging and complaining.  You must try the circular approach.  Every time your man does something for you compliment the HELL out of him.  I mean, if brought your groceries in “like a pimp”, act like he brought you diamonds and pearls.  If he loaded the dishwasher (even if he did it wrong-and hell yes there IS a wrong way to load the dishwasher), then act like he did the best job ever done washing dishes.  Guys love admiration.  They love praise.  They love being your hero.  So the more you make him feel like a hero, the more he’ll want to do for you.

So that’s it!  Git ta gittin’!  And if all else fails, I’ll come build the shelf for you!


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