Little Problems, Big God

I am overwhelmed.

You see, the huge life threatening situations don’t get me–the small things destroy me. The little things like: the toilet won’t flush, my partner teacher not communicating the basics, not being able to find a shirt I like to wear, not having a clear handle on the details.

I die by the insult and not the injury.

Many times, we live by faith for large, impossible things to the exclusion of the small, irritating things. We give our biggest challenges over to God while we hold on to the gnawing little issues that strip us of just as much peace as those monster mountains. We lose sleep, lose faith, and lose hope–all because the minor issues pile up.

But the word of God tells us clearly that life should not be so. Psalms 55:23 and I Peter 5:7 both tell us that we can–and should–cast our concerns and anxieties onto the Lord, with no distinction made between big ones or little ones. And for many of us, the real test of our faith comes from giving the small things over to God.

I struggle each day to not allow the little foxes to tear up the fields of peace that I have planted.  Daily pruning is required, lemme tell ya.  And many times I fail. Thankfully, God’s grace is sufficient for the needs of every day as I continue to hand over control to His perfect plan even in the little things.


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