Unbothered Blackness

Blackness tipping pass lips full of love and wonder

Laugh released like a shot tearing these hearts asunder

Life a cruel task master, each challenge a new bit

In my mouth. I cry out, but I was born not to quit.

Pain legit cripples me, touching me at the hips.

As I wrestle all night against angels and  whips

I limp onward, salvation a guaranteed prize–

Not out there but in here where my victory lies.

I could stop, but see the way my mind is set up

I have come too far just to lie down and give up.

All these scars would be wasted, these tears turned to dust.

So I fight on, vindication of all my ancestors a must.

On full thrust, each new wall broken down guaranteed

To flood life with my children full up with our greed

For greatness. I press on toward impossible marks,

My blackness a light beaming bright in the dark.

Unafraid of the terror, the fetters and chains

Reaching for my birthright, my mind on each gain,

The ground I obtain an inheritance, a shout

From lips full of love as I pour my soul out.


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