Nashville Now

This time last year, Spencer and I were riding back to Saint Louis scheming and dreaming about how we were gonna move to Nashville. We had no earthly idea about how it would happen–money was scarce and life was challenging in Saint Louis, MO–bit we knew we wanted to move in the summer. After a full weekend of church and ministry and old friends, we felt more strongly than ever that our time had come to shed the old and walk in the new. The glory of a spirit filled weekend shone brightly around us as we talked ourselves into stepping out on some serious faith.

I wish I could say that glory lasted until we got here to this day; as it was, the proverbial night got so dim at some points that we sat dumbfounded and disillusioned. Many days all we had was our faith that this state, this city is where God called us to be. A few weeks found us homeless and virtually penniless without friends to help or family that could help. We kept as good a face as possible for our children, creating (by the kindness of people we’d have never imagined) an extended 3 state vacation for the girls as we traveled from hotels to couch surfing to air mattress borrowing and back again. Gas money, food, riding with everything we could carry in the van and praying to get the rest out of storage some day, we fought and fought and fought. Some days his faith outlasted mine; other days the will to move forward rested squarely on me. All days we held desperately to the promise that we could and would make it to the other side.

Now, a year later, I sit on the back porch in our apartment complex as the wind blows cooling temperatures ever cooler into longer nights. I look out at crispy woods and starlight glittering in the chill of fall days and thank God that we had the fortitude to keep on looking forward  as we stumbled through desert place after desert place. The kids are happy, my husband is at rest, and I am glad beyond measure. This little big city has no idea who it has welcomed and what we are capable of–and I cannot wait to show Nashville all that we have to offer in return for all that it has offered us.

We are at home in Nashville Now. 


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