Holding Fast Is So Hard Because

Your perception of God is off.
You have been taught that God is more concerned with judging us all on technicalities and condemning us to a burning hell for the smallest infraction than being the God who gave His best so that you could win at life. You have been taught that God only listens to certain people–that you have to be spotless and blameless before He will bother to hear you (let alone answer). You have been taught that God is moody and erratic, using weather and plagues and poverty to teach people something about how awesome He is and how sucky we all are. You have been taught that God only loves you if you are straight, married, with children made in marriage in a two parent home, a homemaker, a bread winner, law abiding, skirt wearing only, head covered only, facial hair only, and whatever else people decide works for the time being. You have been taught hate in relation to God.

Which means your perception of yourself is wrong.
You have been taught that you have no worth. That you only gain worth by what you do. That your worth increases when others find what you do to be valuable. That your looks make you more valuable. That money makes you most valuable. That fame and celebrity are the highest goals. That without these things, you are less than nothing. You have been told that your clothes are not name-brand-trendy enough. Your hair not straight and shiny enough. Your hips are too wide and your lips are too narrow. That you will never be the writer/lawyer/doctor/wife that you dream of becoming. That you are not good enough, talented enough. You have been taught that God will love you and accept you only once you have met the requirements outlined by your local church, because God wants a church without “spot or wrinkle” and your past is so spotty and your heart is so wrinkly. You have been told that you are not worthy of grace or mercy and you should be ever so grateful for the help that you are getting so that maybe–just maybe you might make it to heaven. BUT you cannot slip up–one slip up and it is a rap. Game over for heaven and for you as you go to a burning hell that you deserve.

How can you have faith in the truth when all you have been told is lies about God and about yourself?

But there is hope.

You can change your way of thinking about God and how He sees you.


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