I pick at your mind
Carrion dressed in the kind of finery
That drew my need, circling
The stench from the wages of sin wafting
Upwards into my spirituality
The breeze carrying you
Into me
Words not enough to articulate
The savory taste that lust brings to my lips:
Bitter, sharp waste
Teeth touching metal
Salted wounds
No, words can only insinuate feelings that fall
Inadequate against
The sapor lingering in my nostrils as
Your kind of death draws
my need
In all of my lewdness, in
the voluptuous greed for your flesh that
Consumes me, I
Really am the one to take care of you
Bringing the catharsis, the
Ending of savage cycles of life, longing, loss
Cleaning away the evidence of
The existence of such sweet savagery
I pick at your mind
Eat your body
Feast on what’s left of your soullessness
Licking away the pungency
Until there is no more
Deciding, even as I savor your flesh,
That no other shall come this way.
I will finish you off,
Leaving nothing but
Dry bones to
Be sniffed
by stray


  1. I like this.It brought to mind Grendel from Beowulf. It’s dark and the picture works so well with it. “I will finish you off, Leaving nothing but Dry bones to Be sniffed by stray Dogs”….this is my favorite. This round the monster had her say can’t wait for the next round when the heroine responds.


    1. Oh, I like that–Beowulf. One of my favorite books AND movies. Interesting, too, I never thought about it in terms of a heroine and a nemesis. When I first began to write it, I was actually thinking about those women like Glen Close in Fatal Attraction–how she was so consumed about consuming him no matter the cost to herself or others. But I DO like the idea of a response from the party being stalked by this terror. I looked up “harpies” and “succubus” if you can believe it. I envisioned some woman sucking the LIFE out of this person. This picture stood out to me like someone waiting, premeditating. Thanks for the comments!


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