Education At It’s Whiniest

I’m pretty freaking tired.

A lot has been going on in my life–and I mean a lot, giving some huge evidence that the cliche ‘when it rains, it pours’ is a real live thing.  The rain over here has mostly been on my parade.  The crops are drowning.  The streets are flooded.  I’m sitting on my roof wrapped in cold, wet plastic hoping for someone to come airlift me to safe, dry higher ground.

Beyond any personal thing that I have experienced (which have also been overwhelming and sad), the most annoying and disheartening situations often come from work.  In this field where I am newly minted as an instructional coach, I have never encountered so many wildly emotional adults in my life.  They are the epitome of adolescence, never wanting to do anything that is beneficial for themselves. Always murmuring and complaining about professional expectations.

But oh GAWD!!!! Let some middle school student twitch too far to the left or right of their wildly erratic little rules and regulations and watch the tantrums fly! “These kids… These parents… This and that and this and those and ugh and hood and ghetto and white people’s kids are better and… and… and…” They have no idea that I say the EXACT. SAME. THING. ABOUT. THEM. AS. TEACHERS.

The most frustrating thing is that they don’t see that how they act is directly linked to how the students act.  You get back not what you do, but who you are. If you are complainy, sulky, disrespectful, whiny, combatant, and all around rebellious, it permeates the atmosphere in which you work.

Anyway, as I slowly approach spring break, that is my rant about my job.  I still love the kids, and I realize that perhaps I did not have the mental fortitude to deal with this on an adult level.  But I’m building those muscles daily. Next year, I’m coming through here kicking all the asses. Period.  In order for the students to do better, I need these grown ups to get the entirety of their lives as well. And I’m going to help them do it, so help me God.


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