A Lifetime of Fidgeting 

My husband often remarks on the fact that I am constantly on my iPhone (he gets the eyebrow raise for the pot calling out his kettle). And I am. Reading my online Bible, Longform.org, Overdrive library books, and various web magazine articles. Flicking through Instagram.Scrolling (and sometimes trolling) through Facebook. Writing random posts on WordPress. Checking my progress on many different games. Figuring out what new app is hot that I want to get. Listening to my paid for music subscription on Apple Music or podcasts from places like Snap Judgment and Radio Lab.  Falling asleep to my favorite old cartoons on Hulu (don’t judge me-I love Daria, American Dad, and stuff like that).

During the last batch of snow days, I had to laugh at myself as I simultaneously played board games and watched movies with my kids. Having my phone in hand is pretty freaking compulsive. The ability to share what I am thinking in a few seconds? Downright addictive. I had to pause for a minute to think about it: was this a new trend for me? To always be doing something while I am also engaged in doing something else?

No. No it is not.

My entire life has been encapsulated by doing more than one thing at a time. Even before the technology boom, I have always had more than one situation happening. If I was eating, I was also reading or watching tv. If I was watching tv, I was watching two shows at a time while doing a crossword or word search puzzle. If I was playing a video game, I had a snack. When I clean, I want to listen to music or hear a podcast. When I am on the phone I doodle–taking notes in school, too.When I shower, I shave my legs. When I am talking on the phone, I am also texting someone at the same time. When I eat pretzel sticks now, I have an overwhelming urge to play Super Mario Brothers 2. The most insulting thing about having Sprint phone service is that I can’t make a call and play again at the same time if I am not on WiFi. 

 The only time I am only doing one thing is praying or sleeping. My brain doesn’t function any other way. 

I wonder how many people are like me, who have found the perfect fidget in their smart phone? I am almost positive that people who spend inordinate amounts of time on their phones now are like me–naturally twitchy people who have never just sat and done one thing at a time. 

My name is Kisha, and I am a  fidgeter. 


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