Where Is Your Joy

where is your joy?

you have cried, rivers swelling in salty crests of what was and should have been

but where is your joy?

wall after wall built up and torn down as you welcome in and then defend against the life you chose

now where is your joy?

expectant eyes lifted high unto the throne of mercy and grace only to be cast down at the feet of the rejection you flee

girl where is your joy?

leaping feet, busy hands, and nowhere to lay your head as fingers fight and lips war and minds rage

still where is your joy?

you slay dragons and faces and spaces and stir dreams as vigorously as the sea swirls underneath hostile clouds

so where is your joy?

where is your joy?

so hard conquered these battles against vain imaginations and images that lie to your flinted face

stand in your joy

great joy, like a sweet southern stream rising up from your belly full of wisdom and light

great joy, filled with laughter at the moments that once doubled you over in pain

great joy, sturdied by the stones thrown on top of you to kill what was left

great joy, made possible by your ability to choose-then choose again what you believe in and hope for

where is your joy?


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