Revelations and Reflections: Things I Learned About God This Year

God is not angry at you. Contrary to what you have been told or have perceived, God does not sit on the throne waiting for you to make a mistake so that God can punish you. Everlasting love brings with it everlasting mercy and grace, whose name is Jesus Christ–the Atonement or the bridge that reconnects us with our true selves. If your view of God first is fear, you will never experience the reality that is God’s love because you will never trust that God isn’t poised to harm you.

God desires intimate relationship. Not requires–DESIRES. God requires angels to be and do; God does not require you. The original gift God gave to us is dominion, and in dominion is choice. The ultimate relationship expert, God wants a special kind of intimacy with you. God simply wants you to share with Godself, no perceived secrets between you–perceived because God, the creator of who you are, already knows everything  you’ve done or will ever do. The sharing develops trust, which you need to build to experience the fullness of God’s love.

God doesn’t want to talk about money with you all the time. God knows what you believe you need at any second of any moment. In fact, God has already provided for your needs. Your fellowship with God provides you with the mindset to apprehend God’s love, thus manifesting the response to perceived needs  from within your spirit. If all you ever speak about before God is what you think you need, then you never hear God’s love or see God’s salvation. In God lies every answer to every question; you don’t need to press, stress, or plead. The thing you are pleading with is your own mind, your well established fear response to the things of this world which are temporal and fleeting.

And yet, God cares about what you care about. God loves you perfectly, and perfect love concerns itself with what concerns the beloved. More than concerned, God desires you to see the solution to what troubles you. In God’s holiness, everything you need in every moment you have; anything that you don’t have in that moment you don’t need. God wants to hear your concerns simply to show you that God has provided the way of escape already; God wants to point your spirit in the right direction.

God honors faith but really just wants your trust. Faith is a state of mind, but trust is a living sacrifice: of uncertainty, of fear, of pride. In trusting God, you give God reign to demonstrate the love teeming from the Godhead. Sonship, fellowship comes with a guarantee that God is not only able but willing to frame your steps in a way that leads to victory for you.

God wants to use you as an example of God’s perfected love.  While God is particularly fond of you, God also finds delight in God’s other children as well. As you cast off fear and doubt, trusting God wholly and fully, God wants the overflow of love to touch others. The love you share activates a desire in others to seek God’s everlasting love. It isn’t just about you; God wants a perfect union in Spirit with all of creation. But you cannot achieve this love ensconced in the cares of this world–which brings me back to the first point and really, only point:

God’s love is for you. There is nothing separating you from God except fear: that you are unworthy; that God is not pleased with you; that God doesn’t care about you; that you have failed in some way. The body and its limited access (the five senses) will always fail. But God never fails, and it is God’s spirit which abides in you waiting to be experienced beyond what you touch, taste, smell, see, and hear. What you feel is directly related to these limited earthly experiences. Who you are is an expression of God’s love, which is to say God’s self.

You are a temple of the living God. Temples are physcial edifices. Your natural body is the building that spirit and soul inhabit. And while you may strive to keep the outside pristine and pleasing to the eye, God is concerned about your inside parts. God looks at the heart and prescribes to the Spirit of Holiness what needs to be cleaned there. In this manner, God creates a place of love within you that overshadows the broken vessel of your physical nature. That is why you cannot do anything to be holy; holiness is a state of your heart being washed in love.

A Meditation.  Before you can experience the depth, breadth, and height of God’s unfailing love, you must first believe that God is love and God’s ultimate desire is to share God’s self with you.

I ask you to rise every day with the intention of accessing perfect love to cast out the fear in your mind that God has anything but loving intentions for you. Each day, repeat  this phrase aloud to yourself, saying it each time stressing a different word:

GOD’S love is for me.

God’s LOVE is for me.

God’s love IS for me.

God’s love is FOR me.

God’s love is for ME.

Say it every day until it becomes a part of your belief system. Give God a chance to prove God’s self to you, that God loves you eternally and has only grace and goodness and mercy waiting for you. If you can attain the revelation of perfect love (no matter what your physical world is saying), everything else will follow.




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