The Discomfort Of Being Better

A Mindful Chatterbox

The process of being better is most uncomfortable. ~ Mark Anthony

You must learn to recover from slights quickly, biting your tongue to bloody pulps to keep the peace.

You have to recalibrate your brain, your emotions–your body even–from responding in anger and defense.

You spend inordinate amounts of time talking yourself off  the ledge of “I told you so”, stepping back into a mindset of “get outcho feelings”.

You live in the land of perpetual “For the good of”–and usually the “of” is not you.

You show up in mercy you don’t feel and humility you don’t love.

You walk in grace that scratches the soft insides of your ego.

You wallow in love–in thought, in word, and in deed–even when you want nothing more than to punch folks in the face.

This is the nature of God, the fruit of the Spirit: to give thanks in all things…

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