My Growing Collection of Rocks

Despite the leeriness of western Christianity that condemns many biblical, spirit filled things as witchcraft and heresy, I have always been drawn to nature’s abundance as a way of worshipping God. Even though my baptist upbringing frowns on it, the more intune I am with the Spirit, the more I feel a need for certain elements around me. Water represents the washing of the Word, the continual cleansing of my soul. Fire–incense, candles, burning wood–just amplies the Holy Spirit in my heart. Everytime I see the moon and stars, I immediately sing “How Great Thou Art.” I find that my reverence intensifies when I can connect with creation without distraction.

So here recently I been gathering up stones because…well, because I love rocks. God also loves rocks. Priests wore ephods made of precious stones. Heaven is made of precious minerals, gems, and crystals. In the scripture, God often told folks to use stones as a memorial. Jesus is referred to as both the chief cornerstone and the living stone.

Stones mean something spiritual. I’m into it.

I now have onyx, jasper, clear quartz, aventurine, and amethyst. Each one has a different feel and weight. I hold them in my hands like my own special prayer beads. Whenever I pick one up, I recall how God blessed every single thing God created by calling it good. I focus in on all those unique patterns and masses and marvel at how much God must love us to create so much for our pleasure. It’s like opening new gifts every day.

I wonder how much more in love with God folks would be if they paid attention to the beauty that they are surrounded with. Now that I’m older,  I totally get why my mom loves her flowers so much, why my grandmother spends so much time cultivating her vegetable garden, why my dad takes so much pleasure in mowing the yard. I see why people visit deserts and jungles and caves and canyons. All of those places vibrate with a special God frequency that you cannot get from man made materials. Every time I pick up one of my rocks,  I feel like I am holding a piece of God’s love in my hands.

So in this mindful moment, I don’t worship the creation, but I find myself overflowing with gratitude for the Creator who thoughtfully swirled little white circle in the middle of a deep purple because God knew I’d like it.

That’s some serious love right there.  How can I NOT enjoy it?


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