No More Work Email On My Phone

I am a social media junkie. I love all forms of communcation, intoxicated by the stream of thought and (un)consciousness that flows through the interwebs. I have facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, tumblr, timehop, 5 email accounts, periscope, and wordpress. I haven’t done snapchat yet but only because instagram has that feature now and I am not really interested in those filters that folks use. I live to read comments and links and watch videos and like pictures.

But this weekend, I decided to pull back on some things. I linked my instagram and wordpress to my other accounts. And I deleted two emails from my phone. I realized that I spent way too much time checking stuff that I didn’t need to; and often it had to do with work.

I love my job. I teach urban middle school kids (read black kids in the city). It is hard yet rewarding work. Sometimes it is even fun. But my superiors? There’s nothing rewarding or fun about them. I realized that I was working my butt off trying to jump hoops that I will never successfully jump just so people somewhere in fancy offices could keep a fat check while we beg parents and write grants for the stuff we need to be successful teachers. I could feel my blood pressure rising everytimes I got a notification.

And the gag is my team doesn’t even use their emails. We text each other, step outside our rooms to commiserate…so I am literally missing nothing. Except stress.

In this mindful moment, I am choosing to maintain my equilibrium and dedicating myself to keeping work at work and home at home. Unless it’s crafts. I’ma finish these stars this week.


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