Peace and Purpose in God’s Presence

The world focuses in on itself, outward pursuits representing and reaffirming the external pressures that swamp us. We consistently entangle ourselves in these outer temporal desires, rarely stopping to examine the inner life and thus die slow deaths of loneliness, insecurities, and grief.

How sorrowful to never know the self except as a shell in hot pursuit of a wisp of smoke just on the horizon! How empty to run toward a thing and grasp fleeting happiness–only to find that happiness fading coyly away as the next fad and fashion consumes us! What might we all be if we turned that energy inward in pursuit of the eternal, the light of joy that never fades? What could we do if we all learned to be and accept the loving arms of self?

When God created us, God’s intent was that we in turn know the joy of creating and calling it good as God knows good. God never meant for us to toil towards unfulfilled want and to fight as though there is not enough for all to find fulfillment. God wanted our hearts to remain filled with God’s energy as the source. And God breathed into us the breath of life, giving us with everything we needed to sustain every vision.

The time comes now to stretch–not outwardly grasping, but inwardly seeking. It is time to cultivate the inner spirit flowing with the loving knowledge of God. It is time to reconnect, to seek consistent fellowship with the One who is, and was, and is to come–eternal and everlasting. As God pours out God’s Spirit afresh, renew your walk, your talk, your fellowship. Get to know God’s heart; in God’s heart you will know your purpose and your peace. Until then, you will be forever consumed by the things of a passing world.



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