The Sifting

I was flipping channels one day and fell upon a show about these old guys, their sons, and grandsons still looking for gold like in the old days. They set up these complex contraptions that strain water on rivers down to the silt and grime, after which they sift the dried up dirt in these little pans looking for gold dust and nuggets that they weigh to see if they’ve found a vein of gold to mine.

I was amazed at how much back breaking work it took to find just a few ounces of gold. How they might work for days to get all that stuff set up, then hours and hours bent over these little pans that may all end in nothing.  All for the possibility of a little precious metal.

It got me to thinking.

How precious must I be to God? Because that is what God does to me every day. Life sets up these complex contraptions that run right through me, cutting me off from the path I’m cutting for myself. And God sits there at the end of every single rigged situation to sift out the guilt, the shame, the pride, the self pity, the anger. The resentment, the bitterness, the terrible thoughts…all to reach the gold that is inside me. And the only difference is that God’s sifting is never empty because God put the preciousness there to begin with. God already knows what each valley and tragedy and painful moment will yield. And God just sits there, bent over me, mining away until nothing is left but gold and glory and gratitude and grace and goodness.

You can’t beat that kind of love.



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