Honoring My Home, God’s First Job For Me

After a full month of running to and fro, taking care of the sick, fighting the good fight of homework and hair, sowing into ministry, and still managing to go to work every day, Monday evening found me sitting on the metrolink toward home exhausted. We still had to pick Haleigh up from bowling and work our way through not one but three projects. Spencer was still experiencing whatever virus he had been battling for three weeks and my menstrual cycle had me at pass out levels of cramping, anemic weariness. Our house looked like a tornado and several crackheads had run through. Nothing was ready to cook. The kids were in tears from just being sleepy and not wanting to write another sentence or paste another picture.

Talk about crash and burn.

So I took a much needed sick day because my body couldn’t handle another day of wrangling kids AND cramps. I laid up and rested, medicated, while in between long breaks and naps got our house amd my family back in order. I took one for the Spencer team. I could tell that everybody felt better because of it too. Everyone had a homecooked meal, desserts, and a fairly clean house to relax in.

Ladies, we may not want to hear it, but our homes revolve around us–job or not. How we are managing that space sets the tone for how well our spouses and/or children function. Because I was out of whack, the household was out of whack. Taking time to set order for myself and then my household allowed everyone else to move in peace.

This doesn’t mean that husbands and kids cannot do housework or whatever–mine do. It simply means that I am the leader of my household. God gave them to me for this very purpose: to set the tone by leading through peace and order. We function when I am functioning. I am the engine that makes us go. Lost things were found, the evening was enjoyable, and the morning after was smooth as soft butter–all because I chose to honor the first calling of wife and mother.

Whatever the tone is in your household, please remember that you set it. And if your desire is to be great in other areas of your life, you must honor the first area in which you have been gifted: family. When one reads about might women in the bible, they are some seriously industrious women. They have callings, careers, and clarity about their anointed/appointed space in the earth; but their families are their first ministries.  Mary. Deborah. Esther. Rahab. Rebekah. The Magdalene. The Proverbs 31 woman. They all had ministries of their own. Yet without taking care of home first, their callings would have been brought to shame.

As the head goes, so goes the tail. You are the head of your household. Where is it going?



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