Free to write

I am a cyclical writer.

I have often spoken having writer’s block here, but I have come to find that I am not blocked so much as I am in a life cycle. These cycles require that I come up for air, putting down pen and paper (or iphone and ipad) for the real landscape of my life. If I don’t, what I write rings hollow at best and altogether false at my worst. That for me is a sentence worst than death: to write without purpose or meaning or heft.

So I take breaks. I walk away from the written word to go experience the very things I write about and that I hope keep you coming back to gain some understanding. I am sure I could pray to God and God give me a continuous flow of wisdom and revelation; yet, I believe wholeheartedly that God demands that I live abundantly so that my words overflow from that place of plenty. I teach, wife, mom, and minister in real time, learning along the way the things that I bring here. And, as the song says, “Every round goes higher and higher”, my voice purer and clearer.

Words have their own weight, and yet we often pile so much extra onto our words that the meaning is missed because we’re focused on carrying so much heaviness. The meaning gets buried. We forget. So you must understand how vital it is for me to free myself from time to time of the extra load that comes with attempting to write everyday, all the time. Freedom from deadline and analytics means freedom to really write. And in my life’s pursuit, that freedom has become a main thing to me.

We shall see how long this latest burst of liberty lasts. How much can I draw before the well runs dry and I am bereft of words again? If it is too long for you, dig into the storehouse of words already drawn here on this page; that water (though contained in poems and elegies and essays) is still fresh. Because I was refreshed when I wrote it.



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