What Are You Waiting For?

The time will never be right. You will never have enough money, experience, or support. There will always be the distraction of circumstances; there will always be the false promise of tomorrow.

Another class. Another workshop. Another bill. Another job duty. A family to support, young children or aging parents. An enemy. A mistake that shamed you. A lost battle. A raging war.

There will never be enough time. There will never be enough resources. The plan will never be perfect. The conditions never quite right. The achievements will never be enough. The seats will never be full.

The excuses will always come.

So, what are you waiting for? Permission? I give it to you. Talent? You already have it. Acknowledgement? I see you. The green light? Go.

Nah. You aren’t waiting for any of that. What you are waiting on is to to ready. And you won’t ever be.

But! You ARE prepared. You have what it takes. You are well able. The way may be hard, and I don’t doubt that challenges await; however, you have all that you need in this moment to be all the things you dream of being.

All you’re waiting on is you: for your mind to tell you to move. For your heart to beat out of the fear. For your body to jerk its way out of complacency.

Stop waiting. Start living. Go.


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