I don’t wanna brag but I’ma brag because…

Tooting my own horn feels good. And right now, feeling good is the lick.

When did big upping yourself become such a huge no-no? Like I am not talking about braggadocios, I’m-just-talking-shit boastful behavior. That’s lame and completely unwarranted and unwanted. I’m speaking about the kind of bragging that comes out of doing something well–the glee of getting it right and sharing it. The original “Yas! I DID that!” Why is it so bad to share that moment?

It feels like we’ve taken graciousness to such ridiculous levels so that even our mildest pleasures at the Ws we’ve fought so hard for becomes tagged as prideful and distasteful when MY GAWD! Any little celebrate becomes a character flaw. How will our tribes know that something good has happened if we can’t share?

And I know, I know! Our sisters can get the scoop and become our sounding alarm but to me that just turns into humble bragging, that passive aggressive aw shucking that is worse than an outright, “Did you see this? I killed it!” Personally, my  geeking is magnified when one of my friend girls can say without a lick of shame,”Baby, you can’t TELL me I’m not cute/funny/smart/working it/winning.” The transfer of that kind of lightness of being is unstoppable. My cosigns are so much more epic. I can literally fan their flame instead of trying to ignite it. And, for people not strong enough to play that game, you end up tying your self worth and esteem to other people’s validation.

I call a flag on the play! Validate yourself. If nobody else told you you was winning, it shouldn’t dull your shine. Let me tell you something. There are days when I put some shit together that’s just too good–outfit, lesson, presentation, meal–and I don’t wait one second for somebody else to clap me up. I clap for myself, and in some cases demand that others clap, too. Not because I need validation, but because I am so excited that I want to share my joy, my moment of perfection in an imperfect life.

Life is too fleeting to be waiting on somebody else to confirm your greatness. Plus, it’s too many haters out there who don’t like themselves too much to even begin to cheer for you. Brag on yourself. Blow your own trumpet. Pat your own back. You deserve it! Nobody should be more happy for you than…YOU.


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