Prodigal Son vs Good Son: Ray Lewis came home today, y’all

Black America is side-eyeing Ray Lewis EXTRA HARD right now.

THIS NIGGA dude went IN on Colin Kaepernick , basically telling him (and us all) how “Massa give you a chicken too iffen you ack right. Jes ‘pologize.” Of course, bruh-man was met with a internet full of “negro please” and “boy, bye” and “black card revoked” and “no more cookouts for YO ass”. But he stood his ground–a thing white folks love, especially when it is blackness edifying white structures designed to keep the rest of us broke, busted, and disgusted. Cuz, you know. The football team owners and networks da homies. And the homies pay the bills, right? And Trump was also a homie. Or so Lewis thought.

Until Darth Donald called all them niggas sorry, sorry players sons-a-bitches. In public, b. #teamnofxgiven.

E’erbody mad. E’erbody. Including our resident prodigal son, Ray Lewis.

Ohhhhhh, the tides! How they turn.

And our banished brother comes limping back to us, having spent his wealth with heathens and strangers in a foreign land where the rest of us are forbidden to sojourn. He comes back to us–not just on one bended knee but on TWO, holding on in shame and sorrow at finding himself in the mud with the pigs. Or in the fight with the nigs. Either way, he is struggling right now.

Now we, the good sons and daughters, gotta make decisions. Are we going to follow behind our fathers who are killing the fatted calf because our brother has seen the light? Or are we finna be petty like the one in the scriptures who basically said to his daddy, “why you stanning for him? I been here working and doing whatever you needed while his trifling butt wasted your riches on bullshiggady. This stinks like hot garbage, and I am not here for it.”

Based on MY timeline? Looks like the petty is in full effect.



  1. Hi Kisha, my Hebrew Israelite queen!! I truly thank GOD for you and your bold spirit to speak to the masses with candid words that cut like two-edged swords piercing the deepest hearts of all who read your posts.. your words cut because it tells the truth that so many of us need to read and understand. Then, once it’s understood we as a people must embrace it, pray and seek GOD for guidance and share it with our fellow brothers and sisters. I agree that we must have the heart Of GOD when it comes to forgiveness.. however, we must also be able to recognize the enemy when He’s in our mists like JESUS did Judas!!!

    I love you Kisha with all my heart!! I will continue to pray for you and I look forward to reading your future truths about the ight of our people!

    Peace be unto you in THE NAME OF YESHUA!!


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