Sunday Sermon #1: She Coulda BEEN Loosed, But Everybody Was Too Busy Being Saved

I wanted to try something new. Let us see how this goes.

Bishop T D Jakes hit the spotlight because of a word that he received and taught to women all over the world called “Woman, Thou Art Loosed.” Being the nonconformist that I am, I never read the book or watched the message or attended the class. But I have read the scripture itself (which you can read here if you’d like).It struck me how she had been like that–bent over spiritually and physically–for 18 years. How many times over her life had she asked for help? At what point in that 18 years had she just mentally adjusted herself to something so abnormal? At what point had her church just thrown up their hands and said, “Aww that’s just how [Kisha] is” while ignoring the fact that she probably hated living that way? How many people had talked about her–pitied her in the midst of their gossip-masked-as-sympathy instead of praying with her, having faith and standing with her? And, looking at my own walk with God: how many times have I been them…or her?

There is something wrong in a world where those of us who say we love God spend all our times shouting down and condemning those who have genuine struggles. There is something wrong with us when people come to church and pretend to be whole when they are broken and miserable. Something is wrong when we can turn our noses up at people who are visibly hurting and lost.

Each time God heals us in some way, graces us in some struggle, forgives us for a sin, we ought to widen the scope of our love to accommodate other people’s pain and process. Each victory ought to make us humble and gracious and merciful. Instead, we respond like those in the synagogue, angry because their process is inconvenient to where we are and what we want to do. Angry because we have hidden behind prideful shame in what we used to be instead of glorying in the Father’s good perfecting of who we have become. Angry because God showed us up–showed our religious mindset up with God’s growth mindset and movement. Angry because we should have helped and didn’t. Angry because we are not being as we should be in this world (as Jesus is).

You see, this woman shoulda been healed. There were too many people she met before she met Jesus who should have seen her need and met it. But everybody was too busy being holy, being seen being religiously perfect to step into her issue. And right now–today there are people walking around us broken that we step over because we are just too saved to stop and help. That’s a problem, my peoples.

I pray every day that you and I make room for the growth and healing of others no matter how inconvenient it may be. It is God’s will that we love one another as God has loved us no matter the consequence or cost. Our salvation cost God His only begotten Son; how then should we be so stingy with what we have?



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