That Time My Students Put Me On SnapChat And I Got a Student to Do Some Maths

Okay, so lemme backstory a bit.

This year, I am back to teaching 8th grade math, Honors Edition. Like, it’s full on struggle. I got kids who had a not-so-hot math teacher last year who oozes white mediocrity (fight me). The kids said to me (and I quote):

We ain’t learn shit.

The other teachers on the team, parents, and administrators all concurred–often in the same verbiage.

So for them to have to come see me this year in a subject I MURK has been rough for them. Some have completely checked tf out. I have spent these last two quarters emptying my trick bag to cajole disenchanted learners into studying some ish they may never use in life. Ever.

One student in particular (I’ma call him George) had given me nothing. He literally comes to school on a “I just came cuz they made me” vibe. Cute as can be, tall, charismatic, a budding…ahem…fuqboi of the likes you don’t normally see at this age. But I heard tell that his mama told him early and often that he was dumb, and he has started to own that terrible word spoke over his life. Y’all. He does NOTHING. He is not malicious or defiant about it, he just gives me the shrug of whatevs. Daily.

Except on Thursday, November 2, 2017. He had been out for 3 days due to a family situation. He came back to school, and I guess he had heard that I was playing some New Edition by student request (don’t tell me representation don’t matter cuz these kids know every NE, Bobby Brown, and Whitney Houston song written after that movie came out). Anyways, Thursday morning, he said, “Mrs. Spencer, can you play Xscape today?” I’m all like, “Ummm, sure. At the end of class, okay?”

End of class comes. 7 minutes left. We cleaning up and preparing for the bell. He comes back to me and says, “Now?”

Say no more fam. Say no more.

We proceed to listen to “Understanding.” I put on a show that RuPaul woulda been proud of. I was straight lip-syncing for my life. George proceeds to open his mouth and sing. Like Tevin Campbell but better. Bruh. Now we got a party going. Cuz you not finna hit me with these vocals and I not back you up.

Unbeknownst to me, another student was videoing my impromptu performance. And that is how yours truly ended up on SnapChat, a social media service I have never even searched for download.

Jokes aside, the moral of this story is that I love my students so much that I will try anything to get them to respond to my content. After the bell, George asked if he could eat lunch with me and do some work.

Say no more fam. Say no more.

He came back. We ate. We did maths. We listened to SWV and Mary J Blige. Who running? Who winning? BOF US. Cuz great music and learned math.

I will do whatever it takes for these kids, b. Whatever it takes.


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