My Forever Jams: Songs That NEVER Get Tired

Can you add to my list? I mean, I ain’t put no rap or pop on here. These are some of my just “go to” RnB jams, mostly 90s because RnB was lit back then.

Pretty Brown Eyes. You’ll never say nothing bad about Mint Condition to my face, cuz it’ll be a fight. On sight. Forever. My first boyfriend had the prettiest eyes God ever made. I’m sure I musta put the lyrics to this song in 50 origami notes.

Beauty. Bruhhhhhh. I shole was jumping around when “Tell Me” came out. But “Beauty?” I feel like a freaking princess e’er time it comes on. And thas hard ta do. I don’t do princess.

Written All Over Your Face. Shooo-doom. Girl. Just smile! I hate smiling. But this easy jam always makes me grin like a fool. And that Gerald Levert in “leverting” in the background? Maaaaaaaan, listen.

Ask of You. I cannot think of a song Raphael Saadiq put his vocals on that I don’t love. But this right here? The composition is so beautiful to me. Transitions and everything. On TOP of the fact he talmbout banging. Issa win.

Nothing Matters. Baaaaaaby. Y’all know D’Angelo my baby daddy in my head, right? And Lauryn Hill is my conscious big sis, right? The vocals. The music. The words. The layers of sound. Straight. Vibing.

Really Love. Honestly? I coulda top-tenned ya with all D’Angelo. Cuz I love his music so much that this that one negro I’d groupie for. But this song here? This song right here? I stayed up until midnight to buy this album and when that Spanish guitar started, I cried. Real. Tears. No lies.

Ain’t No Way. Aretha will be always be #1 on any list of favs I compile. Always. This jam always takes me back to my days before wifedom and motherhood singing in bars in Mississippi. I been imitating her style since I was old enough to sing. This is my ultimate jam.

Send It On. Yeah, you finna get D’Angelo banger #2. This song feels like family, like Saturday nights sitting in my granny house watching her cook and talking about life. Like church. And the flood of wisdom from my elders that I’m still processing.

Share My World. Mary J Blige is my soul mate. So there. And while there are many, many Mary jams I love, when I think of Mary J Blige–all her hope and disappointment and transparency and pain and belief in love–it is all here in this lyric. Pensive af.

Cleva. Lolz. Erykah Badu has also never made a song where I’m just like, “meh.” We cosmic twins. I’d be just like her in an parallel universe. But “Cleva” is my lowkey theme song. No song describes me better–how I see myself, how I see the world. Really. If you understand this song, you understand me.

Are You That Somebody. Cuz. Baby in the background. Also, the meaning. Also. The vocals. Also. The video. Ultimate 90s jam. How much time did I spend learning these moves, tell me, please? #stillcantdance

Weak. SWV had some bangers but this one will always be near and dear to my heart. You couldn’t sing if you couldn’t sing this here. Every crush I ever had heard me sing this, even if they ain’t know I was singing for them.

You Know What’s Up. Donnell Jones’s best song. No summertime playlist is complete without it. Sun dresses, rolling through your hood, Left Eye…how much low-key bump do you need? It is all there.

What are some of your forever jams? Share in the comments. ❤️


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