The Molding Process

A Mindful Chatterbox

I hate being wet unless I’m taking a shower. I don’t really prefer pools, melting snow, or rain. There is nothing worse–nothing–than being soggy. My whole attitude goes south and I feel ladden, desperate to get the icky feeling away from my skin.

So, the rain of life has always been a bit of a crisis for me. The burden, the sense of being pressed on and weighted down by the “when it rains it pours” pulls me down into depression. I have thrown real tantrums, kicking and screaming–you know, amplified why me’s as I am pummeled by the drip-drop then torrential downpours of struggle life.

And yet…

I have asked God often, insistent that God mold me into what God intended for me to be–not really knowing anything about potters and clay and the fine art of scuplting. I didn’t realize that in order for clay to be molded…

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