That Time Travis Greene Sang My Testimony in 45 Words (not counting repeats)

I was driving around running errands listening to Travis Greene’s song, “You Waited For Me”. Totally lost it. A hot blubbering mess. Cuz. You know. My testimony.

I will never understand people who are self righteous when it comes to God and church and stuff. Never. Even though I grew up in church–like a church brat, MONDAY thru SUNDAY e’er time the doors opened–I know me. I know the struggles I’ve struggled, the choices I’ve made. The demons I’ve indulged. The mistakes I’ve made. The lies I’ve told. The people I’ve hurt. The relationships I’ve destroyed. The pain I’ve caused. How I have devalued over and over whom God has redeemed through the shedding of the blood of His only Begotten Son.

But God waited for me. He didn’t just wait, either. He stayed with me, pulling me time and time again out of my messes cleaning me up and fixing me up and reseting me and working on me and loving me. Chance after chance. Time after time. God never left me, never forsook me. Watched over me. Grew me up in desert places and passed thorny attacks. Covered my shame with his glory.

So when I listen to “You Waited For Me“, I don’t just hear another praise and worship song. I see my life passing before my eyes and how God has been there every second of it, pursuing me and loving me in-spite of me, even and especially when I didn’t love myself. He kept pouring into me even as I wasted it.

Where would I be, if God left me now?

Watch it. Listen to it.


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