Sunday Sermon #11: What You NOT Finna Keep Doing…

I usually give a whole nicely laid out sermon as it would be if I were actually standing and delivering on a Sunday morning. But not today. Issa SUCCINCT word of admonishment.


I swear summa y’all spend your entire being pointing out everybody else’s shortcomings but then throw up the “God still working on me” like it’s nothing. Stop that. Now. In Jesus name.

I mean seriously. Y’all outchea like the world right now. While everybody outside the church is participating in the “who’s the most oppressed” olympics, the folks in the church walking round here competing in the “holy-righteousness” games. I mean straight up comparing yourselves and what kinda sins you done committed or nah. Who sin bigger. Or just because you don’t have that particular struggle, you better than somebody else. More blessed somehow. Holier. Like you got the God game on lock.

Nah, b. That’s not how any of this works.

The ONLY WAY you’re holy is if you’re in Christ Jesus. The ONLY WAY you’re righteous is if you’re in Christ Jesus. Nothing–NOTHING YOU DO (or DON’T do) makes you righteous or holy. Hear me? Nothing.

All you got is Jesus. And all Jesus asked you to do is abide in Him. To give God all your heart, mind, and soul. Then love everybody like He loves us. D’yaknow what loving like “Jesus loves us” looks like?

It looks like grace.

Cuz see, God knows everything about you. Everything. And maybe you didn’t kill a baby or become a prostitute or get on drugs or cheat on your spouse but. BUT. God knows about the lies. The times you tricked people. The jealousy. The malice. The way you deliberately held someone back through sabotage. How you emotionally abandoned your wife. How you withheld affection from your children. How you got that unfair promotion. The money you embezzled. The relationships you kicked to the side. The pride. The anger. The hate.

You lucky God don’t turn on a flat screen over our heads so everyone could see our hearts.

Okay. I’m done. But seriously. Please keep your self righteousness to yourself. Some of us outchea trying to genuinely love folks back to life regardless of the struggle they are in. And ain’t nobody got tahm for yo pharisee-ing self comin around thowing salt in da game. Go get another hobby–like, I dunno? MAYBE FOLLOWING THE WORD OF GOD?

Seriously. This go for newbie Christians too. The same way God had to work on yo raggedly self? Allllll that time you spent doing whatever whenever however? Alllllll that time folks had to pray for your safe return and recovery? Yeah. Stop being an overbearing douche. Let JESUS lead you.

K, bye.


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