Change Positions

I am not a victim. I have lived life like one though. Being black. Being a woman. Being mishandled in relationships. Being looked over for positions. I let it all get to me, worm into my psyche where it wrecked my thinking.

That’s where the fight is–in convincing your mind to do the hard thing. Taking responsibility for the life you want instead of the easy road of making it somebody else’s fault.

And yeah. Things have happened to me that traumatized me. People–including my own self–have harmed me. Just like it has happened to you, I’m sure (though if you can’t relate, I am super happy for you). But I currently refuse to allow the past to define me. Inform me, yeah. But not define me.

My position is not defined by my condition. And that gets a bigly THANK GOD FOR JESUS!


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