A Fond Farewell: On Ending This Blog

I started this blog to air out my thoughts. As the tag line says, this was a resting place for the thoughts that often overwhelmed my mind and my life. I regurgitated on each page–every emotion I felt, I wrote about it. Some days, I’d post (for future days of course) 10-15 new posts that I’d written in one sitting, editing along the way. I ended this space with over 1,000 posts posted; I deleted hundreds of them because as I read every single one over the last 3 months, I saw how damaging those posts could be one day. Some archived, some shelved forever, some deleted as much as one can delete stuff of the innanets…I cleaned my closet.

Then I sat.

Each day, I opened the app and…nothing. No words, inspiration, or excited spill of my emotional excess onto page–digital or otherwise. 1 month of blockage turned to 2, then 5, then 6… I think I posted maybe 5 times since July 2018, all posts already written at least a year prior and just needing some revision. Nothing original. Nothing new.

As I approach my birthday, I realized that I had run out of thoughts. I had run out of wordy regurgitation. I was finally empty enough to pursue my calling, which required me to no longer live in the tornado of my feelings.

It was time to silence the Mindful Chatterbox for good.

So, thank you to those of you who have been with me. Who followed me, responded to me, and shared my writing. It meant the world to me–still does-to have complete strangers encourage and engage me when people who are supposed to love me ignored me. I love you for that.

I’ma still keep the domain. I’ma still keep the stuff up. And in a few days, I’ma invite you to my new blog and just spend more time just reading, sharing, and encouraging others.

Until next time.



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