This is my poetry.  It comes to me from different places–things people say, songs I hear, the energy that you give me as you walk by… Enjoy.

For Taylor (2008)

Call Me

I Can’t Make You Love Me

He Read Me Love Poems

Bringing Sexy Back

The Power of a Text Message

I Will

The New Phenomenal Woman

I’ve Been Thinking Bout Forever


The Burden of Reality


This Lifetime (2008)

The Audacity of Hope

You Are So Beautiful

The Thrill Is Gone

Just When I Thought

Anger Management

Before I Wake


Strange Winter Days

One and Done

Pleasure Over Matter

All She Has Is Her Words

I’ve Been Thinking

Double Agent

The Jump-off

Visitation of Spirits


A Willing Heart

Pain Is Knowledge of Life

More Than I Can Bear

Perfect Love

He Keeps On Doing Great Things For Me: A Triolet

The Educator

Anger Management

I’ve Sung This Song Before

The Apology



My Praise Is In My Tears

More Than I Can Bear

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