The Truth About Teaching “Urban” Students

For all new teachers, alternative certification teachers, and general teachers of urban students: Teaching requires the kind of self reflection and personal honesty that most people avoid. Learn to self correct early and often–your fight is not with the students, but inside yourself. The better you become, the better your students become.

Give Me The Peace

Don’t pretend. You don’t have to be my best friend Sharing secrets and side eyes, Cackles rattling the insides As we joke. No joke! We aint gotta be best friends like that- Matter fact, We dont even need To be Cool Like spring breezes Cutting through muggy Afternoons Chill glistening off a pitcher Of Amber […]

The Skin I’m In

Whether you like to admit it or not, America constantly weighs a person’s worthiness on what the person looks like. Asian people are always “smarter” than the rest of us–even white people. Hispanic people who come from certain Latin countries are esteemed more highly than others. Lighter skinned African Americans who show signs of whiteness […]